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Parity Plus - Stock Charting and Technical Analysis 2.1

Parity Plus - Stock Charting and Technical Analysis 2.1: Parity Plus is one of the most powerful Stock Charting and Technical Analysis Pr Parity Plus is one of the most powerful Stock Charting and Technical Analysis Programs available on the market. Parity includes over 50 of the most popular indicators for the technical analysis of stocks and commodities. The majority of these indicators act as functions that return an array, which can be used as the input to another indicator or within a user defined formula. This makes it easy for you to do "studies on studies".

TraderCode Technical Indicators 5.0: Stock Trading Technical Indicators and Backtesting for Excel
TraderCode Technical Indicators 5.0

technical indicators and technical analysis functions for use with Microsoft Excel. It allows you to create many types of technical indicators used in trading systems like Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, Oscillators, True Range, Standard Deviation, Donchian Channels and many more. With these indicators you can easily perform end-of-day analysis or back-testing of historical stock data. Technical Analysis Add-In and Formulas The Analysis Add-In and

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AnalyzerXL 6.1.37: Technical analysis, stock quotes, investment portfolio in Microsoft Excel
AnalyzerXL 6.1.37

Powerful technical analysis and data downloading software for Microsoft Excel. It is a library of 165 technical analysis functions, indicators and experts. It downloads free historical end-of-day stocks, indexes, mutual funds and futures data, 15-minutes delayed and real time quotes for stocks, options, indexes, futures and other securities for more than 50 markets worldwide. You can automatically build charts, create macros.

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TA4.Net 1.0: 76 most popular technical analysis functions and indicators for .NET
TA4.Net 1.0

Technical analysis library for NET. It comprises 76 most popular technical analysis functions. Technical Analysis functions usage samples are available for both C# and VB.Net. You can use TA4.Net for Windows, Windows CE, Mobile and Web Application Development. With TA4.Net you can analyze stock quotes, any market prices, futures and commodities, stock options. Real time quotes or end-of-day historical quotes are suitable to stream into TA.NET.

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Wall Street Analyzer 1.27: Free charting, technical analysis, system tester, portfolio management software
Wall Street Analyzer 1.27

Wall Street Analyzer is an advanced technical analysis charting system for financial markets, that will help you trading and take beter investment decision. It provides a broad set of technical analysis indicators (up to 30) + indicators builder to create your own indicators or modify existing ones, customizable environment, it includes backtesting capabilities on your own trading systems with the help of a built-in optimizer, screener, compare stocks and much more.

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TraderXL Pro Package 6.1.15: Technical Analysis in Microsoft Excel
TraderXL Pro Package 6.1.15

Technical Analysis in Microsoft Excel. 146 indicators and experts. Free download real and historical stock quotes from USA, Europe, and Canada into Excel spreadsheets. Mutual funds, corporate bonds, Major USA Market Indices, Major World Indices are downloadable into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Daily, weekly and monthly quotes into one Excel spreadsheets. Quotes refresh. The best way to start technical Analysis for the beginner.

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TraderXL Pro Package 6.1.39: All-in-one investment solution for Microsoft Excel
TraderXL Pro Package 6.1.39

Technical analysis functions can be automatically calculated. RTQuotesXL downloads free 15-minutes delayed and fee-based real-time quotes for stocks, indexes, mutual funds and other securities from Yahoo Finance. RTQuotesXL can be used for real-time charting, real-time technical analysis and monitoring current market situation. OptionsXL is an option chains and LEAPS series downloader. PortfolioXL is a portfolio tracking add-in. BacktestingXL enables

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